Separation of Cargoes

There are rules and standards that all ships must follow when accepting,
handling, and transporting various cargoes, particularly with regard to
dangerous ones.

There are the number of points must be taken into account during loading and
distribution of cargoes:

  • Type of the ship
  • Type of maritime cargo
  • Safety requirements

Our Services

We ensure complete safety of your cargo before the transportation, excluding
any accidents or damage of the cargo.

Our company offers the following services:

  1. Cargo segregation. It is a process of separating the goods which can enter
    into a dangerous reaction with each other. For this process different
    methods can be used:
  • Placement of safe cargo between two dangerous goods
  • Separation of dangerous goods by a hold or compartment
  • Separation of dangerous goods by an intermediate compartment in
    the longitudinal direction
  1. Bulk cargo separation by constructing horizontal and vertical partitions made of plastic, wood, and metal.
  2. Cargo stowage and securing. Our company places cargo in accordance with the safety requirements for various types of ships.
  3. Cargo distribution depending on the destination and the schedule of the vessel’s arrival at the Baltic port.
  4. Bulk cargo trimming with the use of special equipment.
  5. Fast loading and reloading of bulk products in large bags, as well as preservation of organic bulk cargo.

Our Benefits

  • UAB Autonomas carries out loading operations in accordance with international requirements
  • Our staff is full of professional loaders to ensure fast loading for our clients.
  • Our company uses only safe and modern equipment and technologies.
  • We are available for calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • UAB Autonomas offers a competitive prices for loading and unloading operations.

If you are interested in any details about our work, you are welcome to contact us in any way convenient to you for getting an additional information.