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Years of Experience

Enterprise AUTONOMAS was established in 2000

The main activity of the company is related to technical services for sea vessels.

Repair of sea vessels.
The Russian Maritime register has approved the following types of work:

  • Repair of hull structures of ships
  • Welding in repair of ship hulls
  • Repair of internal combustion engines up to 4000 kW
  • Repair of ship’s auxiliary mechanisms
  • Repair of ship systems, track fittings and hydraulic systems

Separation, reloading, alignment, and securing of cargo

We professionally carry out the separation, alignment and fixing of the goods.
Alignment of food and non-food bulk cargo.
Transshipment of bulk cargo and cargo in large bags from hold to hold.
To load two or three different loads into one hold, we build partitions made of plastic, wood, and metal.
To transport two different bulk cargo in one hold, we quickly perform horizontal or diagonal cargo separation.

For loading large bags on bulk cargo, we use special equipment to perfectly align the bulk cargo. Cover with plastic, and after loading large bags with other cargo, professionally secure the bags.
We level and cover grain loads with a special ventilated bar.

High-pressure water technologies

Quickly and efficiently wash cargo holds, fuel and cargo tanks.
For washing cargo holds, we use powerful water jet installations and mobile diesel elevators.
We use high-pressure hot water technologies.
We wash and defrost pipes and other ship systems of any length.